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 A Video Series To Help You Make More Successful And Sound Decisions In Your Tech Projects 
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What You Will Learn From This Video Series:


Develop a positive mindset and unshakable belief in your abilities to ensure your long term success.

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You cannot sell to everyone. Figure out who is your ideal customer and market to them with a laser focus.


Figure out a monetization strategy for your product or service early to build that much-needed cashflow.

Build Your MVP

Build an MVP quickly to get feedback from your customers and making sure you are going down the right path.

Secure Your System

Don't let hackers walk away with your customers' data. Protect the privacy and integrity of your data by proactively securing your systems.

Leverage Cutting Edge Tech

Seminal technologies like blockchain, machine learning, IoT, cloud computing are coming together to form a perfect wave of opportunity. Ride it now or lose out!
And Much Much More...
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Manuj is a software engineering powerhouse. He is a strategic solution provider who has fantastic engineering prowess with great work ethics. Manuj is the epitome of reliability and integrity. I am blessed to have worked with him and to be able to call him a friend.
Joseph Nakhla, CEO Bazinga
High integrity, incredible resourcefulness, and battle-tested experience are three qualities that Manuj brings to any project or team. I am personally very grateful for his leadership...
Shamil Hargovan, CEO Wiivv
Manuj is an terrific leader and an amazing problem solver. Throughout our time working together, he led a team to build solutions to a variety of difficult technical problems, but most of all he was a pleasure to work with along the way.
Jackson Cunningham, Founder of Tuft + Paw
Manuj Aggarwal
Founder, TetraNoodle Technologies
Your Presenter:
Manuj Aggarwal started his career at the age of 15 working in a factory. After working in the factory for 6 years - he knew needed to get out and make a life for himself. He knew his education is the only asset he had. He overcame multiple obstacles in his career but with the combination of his technical abilities and soft skills - he was able to emerge as a true technical leader. He currently runs a consulting company in Vancouver, Canada. He is an advisor and CTO to multiple companies. He believes education has the power to transform lives. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and is himself an avid life-long learner.
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